pc hollow

GB PLAS is a professional PC Hollow (Twin Wall) manufacture in Malaysia. Highest Quality of product is attainedusing virgin resin from overseas.

GB PLAS uses sophisticated extrusion technology from the Japan (Toshiba) and Europe ( Omipa) which have the capability of producing different grades of plastics with high precision tolerance and of different thicknesses and other required specifications to meet your most exacting demands.

Product Features

  • Rigidity
  • Impact resistant
  • Light weight
  • Excellent light transmission
  • Heat/Thermal
  • Sound
  • Easy to
  • Water resistant and protection from
  • Easy to
  • Chemical


                    • Roof glazing, Canopies
                    • Signage, Light Box
                    • Agriculture Green & Sheds
                    • Roofing for stadiums, Gymnasiums & Sport Clubs


                          Thickness: 4mm, 5mm, 6mm

                          Width: 915mm – 2100mm

                          Length: Max 5800mm or cut to size

                          Installation & Storage Method (Recommended Installation Method)

                          GB Bond® Polycarbonate Hollow Sheet’s is produced with a protective PE film both sides which should be kept on until the panel is fastened. The UV protected side is to be faced towards the sun and is marked with printed film (GB BOND PC Hollow Sheet). Remove all protective film immediately after installation.

                          Make sure the support structure is clean and dry. Do not directly screw the sheet, only use aluminium clapping for joining. Must leave a gap of at least 50mm in between sheets for thermal expansion and contraction.

                          Important Guidelines (For maintenance and storage guidelines)

                          DOWNLOAD PDF (CATALOG) -> PC HOLLOW DATA SHEET

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