co-extruded sheet

Polycarbonate Composite Panel (PCP) is a Polycarbonate (PC) plastic panel made by co-extrusion technology. The purpose to develop this product is to minimize PC or other material waste accumulates in our lovely planet. This product very much emphasize on usage of green material. Other than PC, the same technology can be applied to other material as well.

Product Features

  • Low weight
  • Easy to fabricate
  • Range of decorative finishes available
  • Flexible on width and length
  • Easy handling
  • High stiffness
  • Environmental friendly
  • High durability


                  • Wall linings
                  • Doors
                  • Partitions
                  • Ceiling
                  • Bulkheads
                  • Architecture façade
                  • Pedestrian walkway
                  • Bus and train interior
                  • Billboards and public signage


                                  Thickness Standard: 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm Thickness Customize: <=12mm

                                  Length Standard: <6mm, unlimited, keep in room form >8mm, 8ft Length Customize: >20ft

                                  Width: 1212mm / 1220mm

                                  Weight: 4mm – 4.5kg/m² (20% lighter than Aluminium Composite Panel )

                                  Colour: Follow Customer needs or
                                  Option 1: White/Black/White
                                  Option 2: Gold/Black/Gold
                                  Option  3: Grey/Black/Grey

                                  Processing Method

                                  • Can be cut into desired shape by using saw and plate saw.
                                  • Can be routed using conventional routing machine.
                                  • Pre-drilled the required fixing holes to at least 4-5 mm larger than the diameter of screw used.
                                  • Heat Able to bend after heated by using heat gun, heat bending machine or butane torch.

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